Timely and respectful collection on early-out, self-pay accounts affects revenue and patient satisfaction. We understand the need to get it right.

As patients become responsible for larger portions of their healthcare bills, it is imperative to have a sophisticated collection program that treats them with respect, provides high levels of customer service and complies with federal, state and local regulations, and industry best practices. Parallon invests in technology, staff training and process effectiveness for quicker collection of true self-pay accounts and residual balances after insurance so your patients get the best experience and you get cost-efficient results.

Benefits of Our Early-Out Services

Rely on a service-first focus

Our award-winning teams are highly trained to deliver a best-in-class, patient-friendly experience with each contact, with a 99% client retention rate

Improve collection rates

We use advanced analytics to continuously identify industry leading opportunities in the science of self-pay collection, and deploy proven workflows for optimum results.

Avoid costly infrastructure

Instead of making large capital outlays yourself, we continuously invest in technology, hiring and training to improve performance so you can deploy your resources on other priorities.


How to Succeed in the New World of Self-Pay Collections

Driven by a call to increase transparency, improve the patient experience, and minimize IRS scrutiny over community benefits, hospitals now offer everything from easy-to-understand patient statements to front-end help with Medicaid eligibility and charity assistance programs.

CASE STUDY: Service In Action

The Issue

A 400-bed academic medical center in the Northeast needed improved self-pay collection results.

The Action

A specialized team of our patient collection experts were assigned to serve the client’s self-pay population. Handled all inbound/outbound collections calls as virtual employees, including use of automated dialers, IVR, and sophisticated workflows. Recorded all calls for audit and quality assurance purposes. Provided scoring and segmentation analytics. Conducted rigorous QA program and performance monitoring to ensure high levels of patient and client satisfaction.

The Result

87% increase in the 6-month average collection results, achieved within 12 months after implementation.

Parallon Results

In a head-to-head challenge with another vendor, Parallon produced 46% more net cash and resolved accounts 12% faster.

How it Works


Account management

We handle all inbound/outbound customer service and collection related contact as virtual employees, using advanced call routing, customized IVR, automated dialer strategies interfaced with sophisticated technology and automated workflows.


Patient-centered service

Our service teams are focused on providing the highest level of customer service to build a strong rapport, creating a pathway towards account resolution. We monitor the quality of our service and processes to ensure patient and client satisfaction.


Robust scoring and segmentation

Our accounts are strategically assigned to automated workflows proven to prompt the right response and result, based on robust scoring and segmentation methodologies. All calls are recorded for audit and quality assurance.

Improve Your Early-out, Self-pay Results

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