There are only so many hours in a day. A trusted partner in billing and collections lets your physician practice focus on its expertise: patient care.

Our experienced professionals create a seamless healthcare billing system tapping into your patient accounting system and handling all steps of billing and collections to optimize your cash flow and create a more satisfied patient experience start to finish.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Back-Office

Create a worry-free system

With hands-on experience with 20+ practice management systems and 6,000+ physician clients, we understand how to implement efficient, seamless billing in addition to A/R management in just about any scenario.

Prevent future denials through data analysis

We capture and understand your data to help you identify ways to reduce root cause denials through two-way feedback.

Devote less staff time to billing activities

Fewer of your resources are focused on collections and resolving disputes. We have a robust team of full-time employees with the ability to flex for peak workloads.

How it Works


Tailored solutions

Our services are customized to specific client needs based on existing technology, current processes and onsite resources.


Collections services

We manage denials, account resolutions, payment posting, and what needs to be written off to bad debt or charity.



Information flows back to your office so problems are reduced on the front end.

Better Results, Fewer Headaches

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